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All problems, no matter how trivial they seem, can be helped by quick, early assessments, to provide you with all the information on your problem so that you understand its exact nature, cause and recommended treatment and rehabilitation. Here at The Physio Company, we aim to work with you to get the best results possible.

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We provide treatment of a wide range of problems is available for example:

  • Osteoarthritc pain – treated with pain relieving techniques such as acupuncture, joint mobilisations, ultrasound, soft tissue massage, exercise and stretch programmes
  • Acute soft tissue injuries – immediate advice, RICE treatment and rehabilitation programmes
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Spinal Problems, such as torticollis, slipped disc, sciatica and disc degeneration – treated with spinal manipulations or mobilisations as appropriate, soft tissue massage, electrotherapy, acupuncture. Tens machines are available on loan .
  • Whiplash injuries – we have established links with insurance companies for the treatment of all whiplash and related problems
  • Postural analysis and corrective exercise regimes
  • Pilates based exercise programmes
  • Occupational health provision – this has been proven to substantially reduce sick absentism and combined with on-site work station assessments and manual handling training can help you maximise your business’ productivity and enhance staff morale.

Sometimes a phone call is all it takes to put your mind at rest and check you are doing the right thing appropriate for your injury, let us give you advice immediately, you may not need to have to come in for treatment.

Birmingham Physio now offer treatments at The Heath Lodge Clinic, 1357 Warwick Road, Knowle, B93 9LW, including x-ray and MRI scanning facilities.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our physiotherapists, please don't hesitate to call us on 0121 707 2461.