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Electrotherapy treatments include the use of ultrasound and TENS machines.

Ultrasound passes painless sound waves into the inflamed area and this improves circulation, reduces inflammation, mobilises scar tissue and thereby relieves pain. It is often used in conjunction with hands on treatment for conditions such as tennis elbow, sprained ligaments and acute soft tissue injuries.

TNS stands for transcutaneous nerve stimulation. It is used to provide pain relief by a method called pain gating where the stimulation of the TNS machine blocks the messages to the brain telling it the body is experiencing pain. It also encourages the brain to produce the bodies own natural pain relieving hormones, endorphins.

It is a battery powered unit which uses electrodes placed onto the skin to deliver electrical impulses to the nerve fibres which lie under the skins surface. It is totally portable and can be worn underneath clothes all day. Machines are available to borrow or to purchase.

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